Monday, April 25, 2016

New! New Site, New Attitude!


Yes, this is a  new site and it's designed to help you find what you want faster. We put a SHOP NOW button right on the landing page to take you directly to the shopping page, simply go to the site and click the SHOP  NOW button and start choosing your stuff!

This blog page is for letting you know what is New and what is Coming Soon- both designed for keeping you in the loop. As we come up with more great products, we'll announce them here first, then the Face Book forums.  Be sure to check back often as we plan on doing something new every week!

First Item that is "Coming Soon" is a Video page to let you know how to use or setup or get the most out of our products. That will be on this site, and will be a one click to view process. I anticipate this online and running in one week, so come on back by 5/1/16 !

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