Monday, May 2, 2016

Balloon Jams Part 1 Why sharing your designs is not bad for business

Jam Night Fun
So Cal Jam Night 

Balloon Jams- Part 1

Why sharing your designs is not bad for business 

We've all seen them, gotten invites to them, and some of us get asked to donate products to them. For those that haven't gone are you asking yourself things like, "Why should I go to a place, twist my best stuff and show everyone how I make the things I do?" Or, "Won't the people there try to steal my ideas, my clients, or move in to my territory? I mean, won't it be just like I am handing my clients right to them?"

Jams are all about like minded people getting together to share ideas, techniques or to just have a ball with other people that think like them. They are a safe zone, a haven for us odd balls that have chosen twisting as a hobby or livelihood. I come from a place where Balloon Jams were held A LOT! At one time there were 12 Jams a month and I attended 9 to 11 of them every month. Did some of my clients end up using my "competition" that was also there?  Yes. Because I went to the Jam? No. I provide a service for my clients and when I can no longer provide what they need, it's really in both our interests for them to seek out others to fill that need. I know that they will call me back when they need what I can do. I offer myself as Balloon Twister,  Face Painter, Glitter and Air Brush Tattooist, but I am not a Stilt Walker, nor a Juggler, nor a Fire eater/ Dancer nor do I dress in Costumes or in Clown. I know what I know and I want to focus on being the best I can be at what I already do. That means I train. The best way I learn is hands on.

Jams are about Teaching, Learning, Fun, Fellowship and sharing ideas on how to move businesses forward. Sometimes business practices are shared, marketing techniques revealed, or names of clients dropped, but the Jam is more. Lots more and I'll have more next time, in " Balloon Jams Part 2. Why sharing your designs is not bad for business"

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